2 mai 2017

We are looking for drivers to drive our trucks (straight trucks and tractor trailers) in Quebec. The trucks will be based out of Anjou and our Terminal where they load is at 5400 Notre Dame East. This is tanker truck work (bulk) liquids that are delivered and applied on gravel roads within 300 km of our Montreal Terminal. The product is Magnesium Chloride (non-hazardous) and the trucks are equipped with computer controlled spay systems that are controlled from the cab of the truck.


Innovative will provide training and written instructions on the product and the use of the spray systems. Drivers are required to provide and wear their own safety boots at all times. We provides all other PPE (Hard Hats, Gloves, Safety Glasses…etc)


We are looking for:


  1. 2 x class 3 (DZ) drivers paying up to $19.00 / hr


The work would start 2nd half of May and the busiest time is up to mid July then it will slow down a bit in Aug and end by Sept. This is full time temporary work.


Drivers are required to maintain and complete daily log books as well as other daily documents provided